Other Projects

On this page you will find information about other projects that I am or have been involved in.

The Digital Orientalist

I currently serve as the Editor for Northeast Asian Studies for the online, digital humanities magazine, The Digital Orientalist. Prior to this I served as the magazine’s Editor for Japanese Studies between Summer 2018 and Summer 2019 and Editor-in-Chief between Summer 2019 and Summer 2021.

The pieces that I have contributed to The Digital Orientalist can be accessed and read here.

Tackling Pandemics in Early Modern Japan

During the summer of 2020, I was engaged in this transcription project organized by the University of Cambridge and Minna de honkoku みんなで翻刻. I published a short article based on the project entitled “Good Foods and Bad Foods: The 1862 Measles Epidemic and Diet in Edo.”

Japanese (Shakkanhō) Unit Conversion Calculator

In 2018, I used the platform vCalc in order to create a calculator for the conversion of Japanese units of measurements (J. Shakkanhō 尺貫法) to other units of measurement. The calculator can be accessed on vCalc‘s website.

The calculator was featured on vCalc‘s blog in late 2018.

Basic Coding and Programming

Whilst I am a novice in the world of the digital humanities some of my personal programming and coding projects can be viewed in my Github repository. These basic programs include a web scrapper, text analyzer, and Google Chrome Extension.